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Amy Jamieson is a professor and industry leader in the promotion of health, wellness and exercise prescription. She currently serves as chair and program advisor for the Department of Exercise & Sport Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara. Amy has been actively involved in the field of exercise science as a lecturer and role model at UCSB for over twenty years. During this time she has trained hundreds of fitness professionals, developed curriculum, supervised student interns and fitness instructors and served on numerous campus and community committees. Amy is active on the national and international stage as an annual presenter and attendee at various national and international wellness & fitness conferences. Professor Jamieson is Board certified in the areas of Nutrition by the AASDN; Personal Training and Performance by NASM and Fitness Instruction by Schwinn, AFAA and IDEA. She is also a Certified ACE Health Coach and an ACE master instructor for the accredited program. Amy has become a leader in the growth and development of online education at UC Santa Barbara and the UC system. Professor Jamieson is well recognized as innovative and forward thinking, and therefore is the recipient of numerous educational grants.  Most recently she received a grant through UC Santa Barbara summer sessions to develop and implement one of the first fully online summer courses at UCSB and was most recently awarded an ILTI (Innovative Learning Technology Initiative) grant from the University of California, Office of the President to begin the development of one of the first hybrid and online courses in health and wellness that will be offered on UCSB campus and eventually as a cross-campus course offered within the University of California systemwide. In addition to course development and lecturing at UC Santa Barbara, Amy is responsible for the re-development and current management of the Wellness and Fitness Institute, a health-fitness assessment center that serves as a laboratory and center for student well-being available to all students at UCSB. In this capacity professor Jamieson trains and supervises student and professional staff, oversees a comprehensive program of health-fitness assessment testing and coordinates cross campus fitness initiatives. In collaboration with CAPS, Counseling and Psychological Services, at UCSB, Amy developed and co-supervises the Peer Exercise Program, offering internship opportunities for students who provide critical mental health support for fellow students who suffer from depression. Professor Jamieson holds a minor degree from UCSB in Exercise & Sport Studies and a Master's degree in Exercise and Health Sciences in addition to her many professional certifications in the field.


Courses Taught

  • ESS 3  Nutrition for Health
  • ESS 3W  Nutrition for Health (online course)
  • ESS 4A  Life Fitness
  • ESS 9 Principles of Health Promotion
  • ESS 150  Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • ESS 1-43D  Conditioning & Weight Training
  • INT 94SH Freshman Health & Wellness (First Year Exploratory Seminar)
  • ESS 96 Fieldwork
  • ESS 175A Methods and Principles of Fitness Instruction
  • ESS 176 Methods and Principles of Muscular Fitness Instruction
  • ESS 181 Practicum in Fitness Instruction-Group Training
  • ESS 184 Practicum in Fitness Instruction - Personal Training
  • ESS 185 Teach Ex. Sci. & Sport
  • ESS 193 Intern Ex. Sci. & Sport
  • ESS 199 Studies Ex. Sci. & Sport