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Who are We?

The Department of Exercise & Sport Studies offers courses in Health & Well being and Sport Management. Our four faculty and teaching associates offer classes ranging from Yoga to Nutrition & Health to Sport & Exercise Psychology.

Classes are open to all undergraduates. ESS offers clusters of courses that provide foundational education in the fields of Health & Wellness and Sport Management. Internship and independent studies courses are offered to allow students the opportunity for real world experience, training and collaboration in the field of Health & Wellbeing and Sport Management. ESS classes offer the chance for students to expand their knowledge and connect it to their experiences both in and out of the classroom.


Below are a few of our offerings. For a full course list, please visit the courses tab on our website.



Office Hours


News & Events

ESS Showcase

May 22nd at the Loma Pelona Center from 5-7pm.


The showcase will feature student research presentations, followed by a recognition ceremony for those students that have gained entry into the ESS Academy.


Showcase Presentation Requirements: 

  • Research topic must be in the field of health, wellness, fitness or sport

  • Course led projects (any ESS Course research or presentations) OR

Individual/group outside research projects (must have a faculty mentor)

  • Research does not need to be conducted or completed before the Showcase

Interested in Presenting?

1.  Please submit your project proposal via the: ESS SPRING SHOWCASE PROPOSAL SUBMISSION FORM by April 14th.  

2.  The ESS faculty committee will select 6 projects that will be presented live at the Spring Showcase.

                *Showcase presenters will be selected and notified by April 21st.  

3.  Those who are not selected for a live presentation are invited to submit a video presentation.  

4.  All those who present live or via video submission will earn one unit of upper division credit!

5. All those in attendance will be entered in a raffle for gift certificates or merch!




The Wellness and Fitness Institute Internship will be offered in Winter quarter.  

Click HERE for more details.


The mission of the Exercise & Sport Studies Department is to provide innovative, scientifically based knowledge that enables students to model healthy lifestyles, to prepare for advanced study and to be future leaders in the disciplines of health, wellness and sport.  The department is committed to maintaining a student-centered approach to undergraduate education that continuously blends theory and application.