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Upper Division Courses

ESS 100- Research, Inquiry and Entrepreneurship in Exercise and Sport:

Designed for students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in any of the sport or exercise sciences. Field specific qualitative and quantitative methods are introduced. The class culminates with students applying these methods in small research projects.


ESS 130- Sport Administration:

An introduction to the basic principles and problems of administering (planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating) athletic and recreational sports programs at the community, high school, collegiate, and professional levels.


ESS 131- Sport and Exercise Psychology:

The scientific study of people and their behavior in sport and exercise settings. Examination of individual and group performance enhancement strategies through application of data, knowledge and skills from psychological and related fields. An overview of the evolving field of sport and exercise psychology is presented.


ESS 132- Sport Sociology:

Examination of the issues and impact of sport in various cultures and subcultures within the context of sociology. Study of sport relevant to how it is influenced by and influences the basic institutions of society: family, economics, politics, religion, and education.

ESS 140- Sport Management:

An overview of professional sport management in North America. The political, historical, social, economic, and cultural impacts will be explored. Topics include team management, organizational administration, legal issues, public, and facility management.


ESS 150- Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries:

Examination of the fundamentals of human movement relevant to Sport, Exercise and Aging. Includes the study of connective tissues, skeletal muscles and the structures and functions of major articulations within the body. Focus on mechanisms of injury associated with biomechanics, training methods, environment and equipment. Practical applications of evaluation, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation techniques will be introduced.


ESS 160- Current Issues in Sport Management:

Investigates contemporary sport management issues with emphasis on the administrative principles of planning, organizing, leading and evaluating. Facilities construction and maintenance, financial concerns and the structure and function of the NCAA are studied.


ESS 185- Introduction to Teaching in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Sport:

Under the direction of selected instructors, students assist in teaching a course in which the student has received a B or better. Activities are determined by the instructor and may include leading discussions, labs, and research or grading assignments.


ESS 193-Internship in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Sport:

Designed to provide students in the minor with practical experience by working under expert supervision in the field. Internships may be completed in public or private agencies whose focus is exercise, physical education, or sport.


ESS 199- Independent Studies in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sport:

Provides an opportunity for students in the minor to pursue a particular area of interest under the guidance of a selected faculty member. Course culminates in a report summarizing the inquiry.