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Lower Division Courses


ESS 2- Substance Abuse:

Introduces the most widely used abusive drugs: alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, hallucinogens, stimulants and performance enhancing substances. Theories of addiction, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are also explored.


ESS 3- Nutrition/Health:

An examination of the interdependent relationships between diet, health, and disease. Basic nutrition principles, food selection, proper diet, and lifetime health habits are emphasized.


ESS 4A- Life Fitness:

A progressive series of classes designed to provide a basic understanding of health and fitness. Theoretical frameworks and fitness related activities are pursued at each course level.


ESS 7- Leadership and Team Building:

Introduction to experimental education using a traditional ropes challenge course and group initiatives as the medium. Team building, personal awareness and goal setting skills are developed; overcoming fears, mutual support, and trust are fostered through a supportive yet challenging environment.


ESS 9- Principles of Health Promotion:

Examines lifestyle factors and influences which decrease the possibility of premature disease and death and promote a longer and healthier life. Emphasis is placed on understanding the practices which have the most profound impact on health.


ESS 96- Fieldwork in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sport:

Designed to provide students with the opportunity to obtain practical experience in the field. Fieldwork may be completed in public or private agencies whose focus in exercise science, physical education or sport.


ESS 98- Readings: Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Sport:

Critical review and discussion of selected subjects within exercise science, physical education, and sport.