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Lab Instructional Videos


The Department of Exercise & Sport Studies strives to meet the needs and interests of current and future students by providing courses that promote fitness, contribute to mental health,  provide practical and theoretical research based information and opportunities for personal growth in the related fields of study. This is evident in ESS 150 - Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries - where basic concepts are introduced in the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.


Lecture topics include:

  • Inflammation response to injuries
  • Chronic and acute injuries
  • Anatomy of common injuries
  • Treatment procedures
  • Preventative measures


Lab activities involve application of concepts in mall group settings for hands-on-learning and practice:

  • Develop an understanding of the body's response to injury
  • Learn how to conservatively manage these responses
  • Develop an understanding and ability to utilize various conservative therapeutic modalities
  • Gain an understanding of the causes and implications of acute an chronic injuries
  • Learn about injury prevention techniques