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Personal Training

Personal Training Certificate (23-27 Units)

Exercise Studies Certificate Program offers students skills and techniques in fitness leadership. The NASM emphasis prepares students to enter the field of personal training. Curriculum includes concepts of assessment, resistance training program design, injury prevention, basic nutrition, personal fitness and fitness instruction. Students will prepare to sit for the NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam.


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Required Classes

Required Preparatory Classes:

(Choose two)ES 1-10(A,B,C),ES 1-43(A,B,C) ES 1-12 or ES 1-15(A,B,C)

Required Interdisciplinary Courses:

(Choose two)MCDBA 1A, PSY 3, PSY 101, PSY 106

Required ESS Courses:

ESS 2Substance Use and Nutrition
ESS 3Nutrition for Health
ESS 4ALife Fitness
ESS 100Research, Inquiry, & Entrepreneurship in Exercise & Sport
ESS 131 or ESS 132Sport & Exercise Psychology or Sport Sociology
ESS 150Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Certification Prep Course:

NASM Personal Trainer Certification Prep Course


ESS 193Internship in Exercise Science, Physical Education & Sport