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Certificate Program Registration Form

Student Registration use the link above to complete the registration form

Certificates in Excercise & Sport Studies

The Department of Exercise & Sport Studies offers certificate programs in four disciplines. Each program provides research and theory based instruction combined with practical application to provide students with a unique learning opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop specific expertise and skills in concentrated areas of study. The areas of study are related to the growing fields health and wellness, sport management, Fitness Instruction and Health Coaching.

Individual clusters of concentrated coursework prepare candidates for graduate studies, industry examinations and credentialing as well as careers in sport management, health and wellness and a number of fitness related professions.

The curriculum in sport management and health and wellness is interdisciplinary in nature. The courses provide a broad learning experience and a variety of internship opportunities across multiple platforms. The personal training and fitness instructin options include hands-on, practical experience as well as well defined on and off campus internship placements.

Students are advised to meet with certificate advisors to learn more about each offering and the associated courses and course credits prior to registration.

Certificates in Exercise & Sport Studies - FAQs

  • Students may complete more than one Certificate Program
  • ESS Courses must be taken for a letter grade to count toward the Certificate Program
  • Internships are offered as part of the required curriculum for Health & Wellness, Personal Training and Group Fitness certificate programs and are recommended for the Sport Management certificate program.